Nice Things My Clients Had to Say About Us:

Vista by Viewpoint Construction Customization Services

  • Urgent Vista by viewpoint work that involves sql or reporting, getting data or work arounds
  • Data integrations from 3rd party software to/from Viewpoint
  • Crystal reports and Excel Reports
  • Stored Procedures / Views / Triggers
  • User defined tables and fields
  • Finding and fixing issues that you don’t have time to wait for
  • Custom Buttons and functionality
  • Workflow notifiers
  • Websites the integrate to the Viewpoint Database
  • Doing customisations that others say aren’t possible

Efficient Crystal Reports Development


Expert SQL Development & Integration for Vista by Viewpoint


Notifiers, Custom Buttons, Custom Tables and Inquiries.



Completed Crystal Reports & Excel Reports that pull data from Vista


Years of Experience


Satisfied customers


Apps Built that talk to Vista


Can you work with Vista Users in the USA and other countries?

Yes even though I’m based in Australia, I often work remotely with clients here. Using screen sharing, phone calls, email etc

Why would we use a 3rd party consultant instead of Viewpoint directly?

The short answer is I’m faster and more cost effective. To explain this I’ll give some real examples.

Example 1. Viewpoint was creating a payroll report for one client, to be fair it was complicated. It went back and forth for 6 months. After 6 months the client heard about me from another viewpoint client and they called me in to see if I could finish the report. They where stunned when i had it fully completed after 2.5 days

Example 2. A now long term client had unique requirements for how sick leave needed to be handled in Viewpoint called me after they where told what they needed would be impossible in Viewpoint and that it just didn’t work that way. They could couldn’t change there process though due to union agreements. They where really stressed as they where 6 months into a implementation and had spent considerable time and money to make Vista work. In just 3 days, using custom tables, custom fields, and sql coding I was able successfully implement there exact sick leave requirements.

Example 3. A construction company in Brisbane asked me to help migrate there data from Prolog Manger to Viewpoint as the consultants from the Viewpoint where taking longer than expected. Having never seen Viewpoint the client and consultants where stunned when i completed multiple parts of there migration quickly. Having advanced SQL knowledge I was able to find my way around the data easily. After they they asked me if I could help with crystal reports and they Viewpoint consultants where stunned again when i finished about 2 weeks of reporting tasks they had lined up in just over 2 days.

I’ve have many more examples but to keep it brief will limit it to that.

What are your rates

It depends. For websites and apps that integrate to viewpoint I do fixed prices based on the work involved. For Short term crystal and SQL work I charge a hourly than a person who I wants to work with me on a long term basis Either way it works out costing less than working with Viewpoint directly ( as well as being easier)  because of the speed I can work at (no exaggeration). Happy to discuss all of this on the phone, I can only take a few clients like this though.

What certification’s / experience do you have.

I have 20 years experience as a software developer and hold multiple SQL server certifications from Microsoft. Most importantly I’m as safe pair of hands working on a production server. For example I know how to backup a table on a live db in seconds without effecting anyone and when to do it. I’ve completed work for most major banks in Australia, completed a workflow project for GE Finance, completed the Superannuation system for the entire country of the Solomon Islands and completed tasks that are in the to hard baskets for other developers.

Are you insured?

Yes I always have up to date Professional Indemnity insurance and Public Liability Insurance and yes I’m happy to provide a copy.

Are you willing to Sign a Non Disclosure Agreement

Yes absolutely, I have a standard one available but also happy to sign your version.